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BridgeFlow Valve Ltd

In industrial processes, it is often necessary to control the flow of substances such as liquids and or, gases. This is often done for safety reasons, to prevent accidents or spills, as well as for economic reasons, to optimize production and minimize waste. Flow control can also be important for environmental protection, to ensure that harmful substances are properly contained and disposed of.

One important aspect of flow control is the ability to isolate and reconnect different sections of a system. Isolation involves physically separating one section of a system from another, typically by closing valves or removing connecting pipes or spools. This can be process switching, necessary for maintenance, repairs, or to prevent the spread of a problem in the event of an accident. Reconnection involves reassembling the system and restoring the flow of substances.


About Us

BridgeFlow Valve is a company that values innovation and sustainability in all of its endeavors. It has developed a patented valve called the Model Y Trunnion Mounted Mechanized Ball Valve (TMMBV), which has been recognized for its technological advancements and has received numerous patents both domestically and internationally. These valves are designed to be environmentally friendly, with high reliability and a long lifespan.

Knowledge Base


The design of the BridgeFlow Model "Y" Trunnion Mounted Mechanized Ball Valve was driven by the goal of creating an environmentally friendly valve that provides value to customers.


The BridgeFlow Model "Y" Trunnion Mounted Mechanized Ball Valve is a complex solution that was designed to address the limitations of traditional on/off valves.


When the valve is open, the ball assembly retracts the segments and rotates until it is fully open, allowing for friction-free movement between the ball and the seats.

The Leader

Peter Liu

President, BridgeFlow Valve Ltd.

Peter Liu, President of BridgeFlow Valve, is driven by a desire to improve the flow control industry with a more sustainable isolation solution. He believes that current technology is not reliable, durable, or sustainable enough, and he set out to create a solution that would address these issues. In 2017, he and his team began working on this project in an underground garage, where they faced many challenges. Despite these challenges, they were able to develop an interface that was easy and convenient for customers to use while also handling all of the complicated tasks involved in operating a valve. This solution is intended to be ten times more reliable, durable, and sustainable than current technology, and it is intended to make a positive impact on the industry.

Our Future Roadmap

Model A hybrid mechanical sealing high pressure ball valve design
Designs & details to be updated soon


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